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american descendants of edward iii

In 1337, Edward created the Duchy of Cornwall to provide the heir to the throne with an income independent of the sovereign or the state. Susannah is the daughter ofMichael Woods II[unknownconfidence] 2. 2. These are coming in much faster than I can research and answer. She says a genealogy study suggested that a child born in England in the middle of the 20th Century, who could trace their ancestry back to England in the early 13th Century, would have 80% of the population of the time in their family tree. Im also desended from my great grandfather King John I of magna carta infamy. Mary, Sir John Fitz(Fitz-23) was the son and heir of John Fitz MP, he m. Bridget Courtney the da. The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States (Baltimore, 2008) The 2004 edition is, Weis, Frederick Lewis, Walter Lee Sheppard, William R. Beall, and Kaleen E. Beall. Thomas is the son of John Savage [unknown confidence] WebAncestor charts showing the family relationships of Edward III, King of England (13121377) to other famous people. To me that's problematic andGagn and Laurent Kokanosky fail to provide any proof besides Francoissaying it.Medieval Lands has a great explanation as to why the connection is suspicious and unsubstantiated. 12. Read about our approach to external linking. 1. 2. :). One of the stated goals of the Edward III Project is to develop a list of proven gateway ancestors to Edward III. 12. Bea - if you could also look into Edward Southworth, Thomas' supposed younger brother and his sons Constant and Thomas I'd appreciate it! Henry is the son of Henry Anderson Dickinson [confident] http://globalfamilyreunion.com/king-richard-iii-dna I can't access that link It depends where you think one of the seemingly many NPEs occurred. 7. Anne is the daughter ofJames Wyatt[unknownconfidence] 15. 12. Benjamin is the son ofBenjamin Wallingford[unknownconfidence] I think the Pecks of Wakefield had a dubious family pedigree a long time before Somerby. Jane is the daughter of Lucy (Heneage) Reade [ 10. Dan is the son ofDaniel C. Joslin[confident] Jean is the daughter of Archibald (Campbell) fourth Earl of Argyll [unknown confidence] Joan is the daughter ofJohn (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG[unknownconfidence] John is the son ofEdward (Plantagenet) of England[confident]. 14. 10 & 11 are completely unsourced, and I'd argue you need better sources for all 5 people. Henry is the son of Edmund Beaufort KG [unknown confidence] He died in 1437, and the fine brass memorial he ordered to be made, which shows himself and Joan, is still extant.17 By 1500 many English earls and barons were descendants of Edward III, and so were many Iberian noble families. By 1600 almost the entire English gentry were his descendants. Iver McKayEmigrant, bornKilmory, Bute, Scotland, Unsourced. Peter Bulkeley, of Concord, Massachusetts I: 111; II: 10, Bulkeley, Grace (Chetwode), of Concord, Massachusetts II: 10, Bulkeley, Rev. 23. 1. Eleanore is the daughter ofElizabeth (Ferrers) Greystoke[uncertain] 8. William is the son ofRichard Nance[confident] Frances Deighton is the gateway ancestor. I want to give this some time and thought as to the proper way to present this WikItree. Read about our approach to external linking. However, the prob. 22. For grins and giggles, I ran a relationship finder on Edward's son, John of Gaunt (Plantagenet) and had another positive hit through a completely different family line. 2. Katherine is the daughter of Robert Gordon [unknown confidence] The lineage was discovered through Rev. 2. This is quite interesting. Edited about an hour after initial posting. 13. Joan is the daughter ofJohn Beaufort KG[unknownconfidence] But charlomagne was his 19th grandfather. William is the son ofRalph Eure[unknownconfidence] She is my 10th great grandmother. I will be adding the complete list from RD600 2008 edition on this page as well soon. Joan is the daughter of John Beaufort KG [unknown confidence] Well, Lumpkin-1 may need more sourcing; there's a comment: This poor woman had a child when she was 49 years old and three when she was 59. He was an associate of English Colonizer Sir Ferdinando Gorges in a colonization scheme fo https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/18700092/john-oxenbridge. 1. Bruce is the son of Doris Mabel (Dickinson) Hawkins [confident] The Military Order of the Crusades (MOC) maintains a list of gateway ancestors that will take you on an exciting journal across Europe and into the Middle East. You start to read about your ancestors on Wikipedia. Andrew is the son of Katherine Gordon [unknown confidence], 11. 5. 13. Tamesin is the daughter ofThomas Constable[unknownconfidence] Edward is the son of John Sutton [unknown confidence] Any help appreciated. William is the son ofEleanore (Greystoke) Eure[unknownconfidence] William, of Boston, Massachusetts IV:641, Spencer, Agnes (Harris), of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut III: 234, Stockman, John, of Salisbury, Massachusetts V: 49, Stratton, Anne (Derehaugh), of Salem, Massachusetts II: 440; V: 74, Stratton, John, Gent., of Kirkton Hall (in Shotley), Suffolk (husband of Anne Derehaugh of Salem, Massachusetts) V: 74, Taylor, James, Gent., of Boston and Lynn, Massachusetts V: 132, Throckmorton, John, of Salem, Mass., Providence & Warwick, Rhode Island, & New Jersey V: 155, Torrey, Rev. 4. This trail tells us that Edward III is the 19th great grandfather of Patricia. I was able to find a verifiable fact in it . 12. Richard is the son of Joan (Harrington) Peck James Stewart, Duke of Rothesay (1507-1508) Elizabeth (Mott) Littlefield Dorothy is the daughter of Mary (Fiennes) Fiens [unknown confidence]. "We've all got the same number of ancestors, we just don't always know their names," she says. 15. 18. This corrects the line originally posted. Has anyone verified this? SGM also accepts it without question on many posts. 9. 12. 9. And if someone has such a pathway, she says it's "fairly likely" they will bump into a royal relative. 9. Ralph is the son ofWilliam Eure[unknownconfidence] I had no inkling," she says. Less than a year later on Most populous nation: Should India rejoice or panic? Prof King, a presenter on I hope to get to all of them. Katherine is the daughter of Robert Gordon [unknown confidence], 12. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. John is the son ofAnne (Eure) Mansfield[confident] John is the son of Edward (Plantagenet) of England [confident] 18. Lynden Rodriguezcommented:I have one, Alice Harry-118, but she's not on the list, and her line may not have been developed enough. . Daniel is the son of Iver McKay [uncertain] 19. You find it fascinating to learn about life in the middle ages from the perspective of these families. WebThe last decade of the reign of Edward III was years of decline. Elizabeth Mansfield has loads of ancestry. 1. Hannah is the daughter of Jane (Reed) Niles - this is the immigrant, and she is surely a weak link in the chain; the profile for her alleged father seems to have conflated/confused several people He's interesting historically, but he's not really me. John is the son ofWilliam Knox[unknownconfidence] Joshua is the son ofMary Anna (Embree) Duncan[unknownconfidence] IMO, Mary Fiennes should be disconnected from everyone, and have the "doubtful existence" badge applied to her. Questionable Gateway Ancestors) of Henry Peck are Robert Peck and Joseph Peck. 15. 8. The final edition includes a total of 688 immigrants of Royal or noble descent. Elizabeth is the daughter ofPhilippa (Plantagenet) Mortimer[unknownconfidence] Elizabeth MORTIMER =1 Henry PERCY, Lord Percy ("Hotspur"). Robert is the son ofJohn Gordon[unknownconfidence] 3. WebRelationship Finder. 13. Lucy is the daughter of Anne (Heslarton) Buckton https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/366945/alleged-royal-ancestry-of-edward-southworth. 18. Lionel is the son of Edward (Plantagenet) of England. T 1. But finding the line that gets you there is the trick! PS, is there another project related to Charlemagne? Duncan is the son of Duncan M'Kie [unknown confidence] Then one early morning you spit out your coffee on your computer screen and horror fills you when you discover accidentally that your tree is entirely bogus! Agnes is the daughter ofJohn Douglas[unknownconfidence] Only some of these are from New England and several lines may only include a few surviving descendants. 3. 17. Richard is the son of John Lake 9. But genealogists say it's much more likely than people expect, Genetics professor Turi King says we are all much more interrelated than might be recognised, Edward I could have a descendant in any street, with millions of his family alive now, Else Churchill found a surprise in her own DNA results, The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. 10. I have the same connection to all of the surety barons whose line hasnt died out. Henry is the son ofHenry Percy KG[unknownconfidence] and heiress named Janet who m. (1) Lachlan Mackintosh of Dunachtan and (2) James Ogilvy of Cardell, with her lands being discharged to her half-brother Sir Robert of Glen (not in WT). Duncan is the son of Patrick Mckie [unknown confidence] Sir Richard and 1da. 8. Mary is the daughter ofMoses Embree[unknownconfidence] 2. It is not in wikitree, which shows the earliest common ancestor at King John. Mary; its possible her parents sources have some information about her husband. 7. But it means that on any street or crowded bus there could be an unwitting relation of this medieval monarch. BTW, Joe, RJ Horace, gets the credit for this line! Patricia is the daughter of Bruce Hawkins Jr. [confident] 5. Are Hugh Jones and others "Gateway" ancestors? 13. Josh Widdicombe discovered he was a descendant of Edward I, who died more than 700 years ago. 12. John is the son ofAlice Harry[unknownconfidence] Marcus is the son ofMargaret (Maxwell) Knox[unknownconfidence] Duncan is the son ofPatrick Mckie[unknownconfidence] Barbara Aubrey, John Barclay, John Bevan, Essex Beville, William Bladen, George & Nehemiah Blakiston, Elizabeth Bosvile, Mary Bourchier, George, Giles & Robert Brent, Stephen Bull, Charles Calvert, Edward Carleton, St. Leger Codd, Elizabeth & Thomas Coytemore, William Crymes, Humphrey Davie, Frances, Jane & Katherine Deighton, Edward Digges, Robert Drake, Rowland Ellis, John Fenwick, John Fisher, Henry Fleete, Edward Foliot, Muriel Gurdon, Elizabeth & John Harleston, Warham Horsmanden, Patrick Houston, Anne Humphrey, Mary Launce, Hannah, Samuel & Sarah Levis, Thomas Ligon, Nathaniel Littleton, Thomas Lloyd, Agnes Mackworth, Oliver Manwaring, Anne Mauleverer, Richard More, Joseph & Mary Need, John and Margaret Nelson, Philip & Thomas Nelson, Thomas Owsley, John Oxenbridge, Herbert Pelham, Robert Peyton, William & Elizabeth Pole, Henry & William Randolph, George Reade, William Rodney, Thomas Rudyard, Katherine Saint Leger, Richard Saltonstall, William Skepper, Mary Johanna Somerset, Samuel & William Torrey, Margaret Touteville, John West, Hawte Wyatt. "The Ancestry of William and Ann (Bagley) Brinton: Quaker Immigrants to Pennsylvania" in The American Genealogist, vol. Michael is the son ofMichael Marion Woods Sr[unknownconfidence] Regarding Mary Fiennes, according to a curated site at Geni, someone mentioned that Mary Fiennes was indeed the daughter of Sir George Gregory Finnes and Lady Anne Saxeville, she is allegedly mentioned in the "College of Heralds." Webdescendants ancestors Four or more generations of descendants of Edward IV of England (1442-1483) if they are properly linked: 1. Duncan M'Kie-his son was born in Bute but he was born in Minnigaff "Kirkcudbrightshire", which is a historic part of Galloway, far away from Bute. Duncan is the son ofDuncan M'Kie[unknownconfidence] Thank you. 11. and heiress was Mary, who m. 4 times: (1) to her ward Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland's brother Sir Allen Percy (d. 1613), (2) eloped with Thomas Darcy who d. shortly after the wedding, (3) Sir CharlesHoward, 4th son of the 1st Earl of Suffolk (d. 1626) and (4) Sir Richard Grenvlle (1600-1658) 1s. John is the son of John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG [unknown confidence] By the time you go back more than 20 generations or so, based on the average reproduction rate, everyone will have millions of ancestors. 17. Best I'm getting is that Aske-59 is Mary not Jane and is the daughter of Aske-60. "I do know people who have been rocked by finding something like that. 8. (Round 3). It was living descendants of one of his sisters that enabled researchers to use DNA to help identify the bones of Richard III found in Leicester. But it was his sister Janet(c.1480c.1544)according to Scots Peerage v.2. Humphrey is the son ofEleanor (Holand) Touchet[unknownconfidence] The family tree continues today with the 11 th Duke of Beaufort, His Grace, David Somerset, the legitimized successor of the Plantagenet Dynasty. King Richard IIIs closest surviving descendants are Wendy Duldig and Michael Ibsen, the 14 th cousins who belonged to the family line of Anne of York. WebTheir lineage can be traced back to the Saxons, Scottish (Stuart dynasty), Welsh (Tudor dynasty), Irish, Germans (Hanover and Windsor), French (Norman and Angevin), Russians, Franks and perhaps even Byzantines. The connection to my bigod is clear. 10. (#3693) As of now nobody talks about it, but I would love to know more and examine the records myself. Can't speak to the American end, but the English end looks good. Patrick is the son ofAndrew Agnew[unknownconfidence] 21. Or are these just remarkable and unusual, needle-in-a-haystack, coincidences? William is the son of Wiliam Fleming McCoy [unknown confidence] 7. I also connect to this tree (which is why I was up on Mary Fienes!) James is the son ofConquest Wyatt[unknownconfidence] One of those relationships is a possible direct relationship to Edward I. I did find some grandfathers I didn't know about. For completeness I think John Lightfoot-92 and his brother Philip Lightfoot-255 have a line in the latest Richardson books, which I haven't seen. You are probably right Trudy. There are, however, at least two breaks in the line. Surprising -- I'm descended from Edward III, through the Skinners, Talcotts, and Hollisters of Connecticut. 10. 17. Robert Loxley is the son ofGeorge Stubblefield[unknownconfidence] Patrick is the son of Patrick James McKie [unknown confidence] 8. 12. You have New England roots. 15. So it should be Mary MacGregor and Catherine Cambell. Catherine is the daughter ofJoan (Beaufort) de Neville LG[confident] Thomas is the son ofThomas Fiennes KB[unknownconfidence] Edward abdicated the British throne in 1936 to marry her. These Lake's are also in my ancestry. I watched it on my DVR last night and it was so interesting I watched it twice. And his or her pedigree goes back another twenty or more generations including Barons, Kings and Knights. Myrna is the daughter of Albert Marshall Rigg Archibald is the son of Colin Campbell [unknown confidence] Thomas is the son ofThomas Southworth Esq[unknownconfidence] Fresh from Scotland. Katherine is the daughter ofRobert Gordon[unknownconfidence] 9. Enter any two WikiTree IDs to see their genealogical relationship. One may experience denial, bargaining, melancholy and even anger. After finding that my own [alleged] descent traces through a recognized Gateway, it dawned on me that I could check the relationship paths for my other ancestral lines to see if there are some questionable gateways to Edward. John is the son of Richard Peck Hi John, a better way to say it is that America has its own special way of defining and listing gateway ancestors that is very well-known, whereas in other countries the word is used flexibly. Mary is the daughter of Catherine (Campbell) MacGregor [unknown confidence] John Oxenbridge of Boston, Massachusetts IV: 300; V: 395, Oxenbridge, Rev. Thanks, that made my day! 5. William is the son ofMarcus Knox[unknownconfidence] Edmund is the son ofEdward (Plantagenet) of England[confident]. Isabel is the daughter ofPeter Gerard[unknownconfidence] Thanks, RJ! Elizabeth is the daughter ofJoan (Beaufort) de Neville LG[unknownconfidence] Elizabeth is the daughter of Elizabeth (Mortimer) Camoys Rachel is the daughter of [private mother] [unknown confidence] 10. It will be nice when Wikitree can go back to Charlemagne and find relationship to him or for that matter any ancestor that far back. 8. I have done much to confirm each link in the chain. Supposedly related to royalty. Ralph is the son ofWilliam Eure[unknownconfidence] Create a list of proven gateway ancestors as a tool for future research. 12. 19. Patrick is the son ofPatrick James McKie[unknownconfidence] 15. I have this guy - can I help be the Disconnectrix? Patrick is the son of James McKie [unknown confidence] Prove previously unrecognized gateway ancestors. 6. 1. 14. I think this is a better route than a merge because it's seems more than coincidentalthat both of them married a Courtney, and Fitzford Hall was the family home for a few generations; this seems like another case of 2nd cousins with the same name and rapid decline in family wealth leading to confusion. WebUntil 1603, England and Scotland had separate monarchies, although royals of the two kingdoms frequently intermarried. WebGeorge Washington (descendant of Edward III of England) Thomas Jefferson (descendant of Edward III of England) James Madison (descendant of Edward I of England) James Monroe (descendant of Edward III of England) All three of those are gateway ancestors to medieval English ancestry. Nicholas later sued for a child's share of Thomas's estate, which he could have done as a stepson, but not as a son-in-law. 24. This list currently is 70 individuals representing 55 different families. Because the Connecticut Tisdales were also in that line -- throughRainsford-2. In addition various lineage societies also maintain current lists of GARDs and GANDs. Ralph's wife died in 1413. https://books.google.com/books?id=kjme027UeagC&pg=RA1-PA18, https://books.google.com/books?id=8JcbV309c5UC&pg=RA1-PA130. Philippa Plantagenet, (5th) Countess of Ulster = Edmund MORTIMER. Because the records of most ordinary families would not stretch back that far, most people would not know about their link. Michael is the son of Lucy (Buckton) Heneage 10. James is the son ofThomas Jefferson Stroud[unknownconfidence] She married (1) by license George Popham (15501608) was a pioneering colonist from Maine, born in the southwestern regions of England. 3. Prof King, a presenter on BBC Two's DNA Family Secrets, says that it's often not understood how much family trees are likely to overlap when you go back so many generations. Joan is the daughter of Joan (Beaufort) Stewart [unknown confidence], 15. "It's not that uncommon," says Graham Holton, a tutor on a postgraduate course on genealogy at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. 19. 8. Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee (1982-) 8. This trail tells us that Edward III is the20th great grandfatherof Janine. 7. Elizabeth Sarah Barbour (1818-1903) 3. Daniel is the son of Iver McKay [uncertain], 2. On my mum I'm stuck on her great grand parents William and Isabella Grant. 6. What helps is this was a really close community they all are witnessingeachothers weddings or baptisms, so that's also how we know and can figure out the relations between them all. but Vincent will have got it from the Visitation, so it's not independent. Kristina is the daughter ofMartha Eva (Henry) Voorhees[confident] GARDs short for Gateway Ancestors of Royal Descent and GANDs Gateway Ancestors of Noble descent have been the subject of intense academic research. The following is a complete list of all New England Gateway Ancestors of proven royal descent published by Douglas Richardson in 2013. Each Ancestor's name is followed by the volume number and page number: In addition we include newly proven lineages which are currently being accepted by royal hereditary societies: The Royal Descendants of 600 Immigrants (aka RD600) first published by Gary Boyd Roberts in 2003 with a second edition in 2006 and finally a third edition in 2008. I do not see any of these names on the list of gateway ancestors. Elizabeth is the daughter ofHumphrey (Tuchet) Audley[unknownconfidence] Gary Boyd Roberts compiled and fact checked a large number of GARDs from the 1970s though the 1990s (see The Connecticut Nutmegger 10: 3-12, 187-98, 393-400 (1977-8); 12:372 (1980); NEHGR 141:92-109 (1987), 150:461064(1996)). John VIII is the son of Elizabeth (Somerset) Brereton [confident] 15. The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215. How could a modern-day comedian turn out to be related to a medieval monarch? Henry is the son ofElizabeth (Mortimer) Camoys[confident] 16. So now youre reading peer reviewed journals to learn about your ancestors in England mostly yeoman, husbandman, minor clerics and various tradesmen. Agnes is the daughter ofAnne (Greystoke) Bigod[unknownconfidence] Peter is the son ofSir Thomas Gerard[unknownconfidence] 7. well I can tell you are related to me as Glasscock is a surname of mine I will run just make sure! 9. Benjamin is the son ofBenjamin Franklin Wallingford[unknownconfidence] Charles is the son of Robert Rigg [confident] Samuel, of Hull and Weymouth, Massachusetts III: 269, Torrey, Capt. Robert is the son ofThomas Constable MP[unknownconfidence] He claims to have proved that this John couldn't be the ancestor of the Copleys of Doncaster, who are generally said to have inherited his property. Hannibal Wheatley's 1902 Genealogy of the Wheatley Family states, without documentation, that Dorothy's father Frank Wheatleigh married "Mary Fienes granddaughter of Lord Dacre, who was executed in 1541." Katherine is the daughter ofPatrick Agnew[unknownconfidence] 3. Henry is the son ofHenry Percy[confident] John, of Boston, Massachusetts IV: 299, Palgrave,[Dr. Richard, of Charlestown, Massachusetts I: 512, Palmes, Anne (Humphrey), of Swansea, Massachusetts V: 358, Pelham, Elizabeth (Bosvile), of Cambridge, Massachusetts I: 444; III: 224; V: 357, Pelham, Herbert, of Cambridge, Massachusetts I: 444; III: 224; V: 357, Pelham, Jemima (Waldegrave), of Cambridge, Massachusetts II: 12; V: 355, Pole (or Poole), Elizabeth, of Taunton, Massachusetts V: 60, Pole (or Poole), Jane (Greene), of Dorchester and Taunton, Massachusetts III: 11; V: 60, Pole (or Poole), William, of Dorchester and Taunton, Massachusetts V: 60, Pynchon, Amy (Wyllys), of Springfield, Massachusetts V: 432, Raynsford, Edward, of Boston, Massachusetts IV: 463, Saltonstall, Elizabeth (West), of Watertown, Massachusetts IV: 551; V: 357, Saltonstall, Muriel (Gurdon), of Ipswich, Massachusetts Ill: 183; IV: 551, Saltonstall, Sir Richard, Knt., of Watertown, Massachusetts IV:551, Scott, Katherine (Marbury), of Massachusetts and Rhode Island II: 147, Shepard, Margaret (Touteville), of Massachusetts II: 683, Sherman, Mary (Launce), of Watertown, Massachusetts III: 547, Skepper, Rev. Its happened to all of us. 5 Volumes (Salt Lake City, Utah: Douglas Richardson, 2013) Available on Amazon. THOMAS1 SHEPARD, born at Towcester, Northamptonshire, England, 5 Nov. 1605, died at Cambridge, Mass., 25 Aug. 1649; married in England, in 1632, (1) Margaret Touteville (i.e., Stouteville, Samuel Cole (3) Boston 16 October 1660 Ann (Mansfield) Keayne, widow; born about 1596-7 (aged about 21 on 17 June 1617 and aged 38 years when she came in the Defense in 1635. 5th ed. [unknown confidence] Using previous models of the numbers of descendants over the generations, he says as a broad estimate there could be two million people alive now related to Edward I. Because the records of most ordinary families would not stretch back that far, most people would not know about their link. 9. It is well worth the time to search this book if you cant find your ancestor in Richardsons list above. 7. 8. Helen is the daughter ofIsabel (Gerrard) Langton[unknownconfidence] This one may be a very good line to followup on. This trail tells us that Archibald is the 14th great grandfather of Beth. Younger gentry sons who received no inheritance who didn't become merchants or other professionals and moved away would take over the copyhold of a farm and/or worked as household servants, which would explain a baptism record for Clifton/Rock Savage. The problems tend to start back in the old countries. The relationship finder says that Edward is my 20th great Grandfather but I do not see any of my family on the list. In 1369, Queen Philip, beloved among the people and among the courtiers, died, to whose opinion the King On both my parents. Seems unlikely. Gregory is the son ofThomas Fiennes[unknownconfidence] 10. I will let you know though there a bunch of these I need to check out now. Good to know. Douglas covers the Gordon's of Lochinvar under the article about their descendants the Viscounts of Kenmure. Michael is the son ofWill Dan Joslin[confident] However, while Thomas Bliss described Nicholas Ide as his "son in law," this evidently meant stepson, one of the usages of "in-law" at the time. 15. Thanks for taking a look at this one, as well! Robert is the son of John Gordon [unknown confidence], 13. Lynden, I put this line as a separate answer so I can track it more easily. Dorothy is the daughter ofMary (Fiennes) Fiens[unknownconfidence] Richardson accepts Eleanore Greystoke as the daughter of John Greystoke and Elizabeth Ferrers. "Whether you can actually prove it is one of the issues. https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Relationship&action=calculate&person1_name=Plantagenet-70&person2_name=Beauchamp-1979.

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