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Thats going way too far. It wasnt an official schedule so thats right. In the US, he kept on getting calls from unknown numbers in the middle of the night. Sign up for the Teen Vogue daily email. Vonce expressed how much he dislikes being followed onto planes. Im really thankful that you guys are cheering for me, and sending me lots of interest and love. The SKIMS founder was called out for wearing something similar to her sister after previously critiquing her style. If fans even see BTS with a girl they will be mad. All rights reserved. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. He further added, When would I talk about things like this? Fans are awaiting more of the updates from him. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. All of this information is now a cause of concern for fans and they are requesting others to email Bighit Entertainment to inform them about the gravity of the situation. Be the first one to comment on this story. BTS has tried to remind their fans to respect their privacy on numerous occasions. Well, I was surprised that time. By providing an email address. The Korean fan also asked her to find out if JK was dating anyone. The BTS member then called out the obsessive fan, and hoped that they would stop showing up on his personal engagements. However, after finishing singing, Jungkook decided to read the comments andtalk to his fans. Their idols receive a lot of love and support . is it so hard ? Known as ARMYs, their fandom never misses any opportunity to shower all seven members with love and support. . Protect Our Jungkook: ARMYs call for Bighit to investigate how sasaengs are getting access to idols personal information. Fans gave her the nickname No Pants Girlor No Pants Sasaeng after she wore this outfit to follow BTS at Incheon International Airport. You can find out more-, BTS: Jungkook slays as the newest brand ambassador of Calvin Klein; Golden Maknae gets adorably shy talking about his hot new collaboration, BTS: 'Most Handsome Chef V' trends on Twitter with full force as ARMY goes gaga over his look in Jinny's Kitchen Episode 5 [VIEW TWEETS], Trending Entertainment News Today: Priyanka Chopra's comment on Shah Rukh Khan not moving to Hollywood goes viral, YouTuber arrested for recreating scene from Farzi. Even though they have security with them every time, it does not seem to be enough. Check this out: BTSs V and Halsey Share the Same Favorite Candle, 2023 Cond Nast. BTS singer Jungkook talks about fans stalking him. Subjects or fields that excite her include entertainment, entertainment and what was that? Carefully listens to everything that start with "so, last night". Because the phone kept ringing through Jungkook's VLive, a staff member finally came to take the phone away. Click on this image to answer. BTShas millions of fans, but unfortunately, some of those fans are sasaengs (stalker fans) who invade their space, take malicious photos, and even sell their personal information. So frustrating! I'm tired of our beautiful fandom getting hate based off of what these disrespectful fans do. Sasaeng fans are essentially fans who are so consumed by their obsession for their favourite artists that they fail to acknowledge and respect any boundaries and often end up invading the privacy of their favourite artist. In a recent development, a screenshot is doing the rounds on Twitter where a person,. But when we travel long distance or short distance, fans may know beforehand that we will be boarding and sit next to us, or in front of us., There are those fans, he continued, before issuing a call to action. Its saying Youre doing a V-Live and I just called to check. Guys! Philippine Airlines: the worst flag carrier? Fans were furious as they watched Jungkook suffering from the phone call from unknown individuals and took to social media to condemn the actions of these Sasaeng fans. Besides that, they also uploaded some stories on Instagram, revealing that they know who Jungkook is dating. Gives me the goosebumps." New Delhi: BTS member Jungkook was reportedly stalked by some fans who gathered outside the gym where he was working out. His life motto is "Rather be dead than cool." He'd rather die than live without passion. However, the sasaeng's leaked information has only sparked rage among ARMYs, who are now actively requesting Bighit Entertainment to take action as soon as possible, before any further personal information about Jungkook is revealed. We fly on a charter flight. Also Read - Trending Entertainment News Today: Priyanka Chopra's comment on Shah Rukh Khan not moving to Hollywood goes viral, YouTuber arrested for recreating scene from Farzi. BTS will never get to live a normal life. Leave their life to themselves and let them have their private life. The idol has recently been occupied enjoying his leisure time with fans, appearing live on social media platforms including Weverse for four to five hours, and also creating history for the group by becoming the first member of the group to go live on Instagram. The maknae line has the craziest fans. A sasaeng by the name ofLChanhas continually harassed Suga by taking photos of him during his free time. I wasnt going to say anything. The devil works hard, but Ryan Murphy works harder. So we were a bit uncomfortable. DON'T get the two mixed up. Calling sasaengs out publicly, as Taehyung did, is not quite the norm, but its not the first time BTS has spoken on the topic. I will never understand the logic of saesangs - proving your "devotion" to an idol by scaring them and annoying the hell out of them SUGA (Agust D) - D-DAY SET + Weverse Albums [Preorder]. BTS: Jungkook's privacy under threat? But the noteworthy moment in Jungkooks live, however, was his encounter with sasaengs who showed up in front of his gym. @BIGHIT_MUSIC @HYBEOFFICIALtwt All these instances exclude the constant scrutiny they are under. So why can't the rest? Nile Rodgers)', LE SSERAFIM denies the suspicion that they plagiarized Rosala, Song Jae Rim to make an appearance on upcoming drama 'All That We Loved', 'Dancing Queens on the Road' releases individual posters for each member, FIFTY FIFTY's 'Cupid - Twin Ver.' 10.) @HYBEOFFICIALtwt, Investigate who is selling Jungkook's personal information to crazy stalkers and sasaengs and That's to all of you haters of Army's who OBVIOUSLY didn't think of this BEFORE hating on us and I'm sorry of all of the other fandoms who get hate because of their disrespectful fans too, trust me, as an Army, I've been there. Stalking someone famous or not is never okay, and thankfully, most fans seem to agree. Jungkook SNS (@Jungkook_SNS) March 3, 2023 I came out trying to go home, and people were there. One day, "gdsas boi" decided to join a group of other dedicated K-Pop fans, which will be called Group 1. Don't get the two mixed up. I really am, he began. When the sasaeng found Soo Bin's contact, he pointed out that she was too talkative for a famous celebrity and could . An ordinary person suddenly began receiving messages from aJiminsasaeng, who believed they had Jimins number. I'm just going to work out." BTS maknae Jungkook is adored by ARMY. All rights reserved. Recently, the band comprising RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook took a flight to US and were hounded by crazed fans, who intruded into their privacy, by tracking their flights and crowding the airport area. If you see a toxic fan on Twitter who fights other fandoms for NO REASON then they AREN'T ARMY'S. BTS's Jungkook expresses his frustration towards sasaeng fans who showed up in front of his gym AKP STAFF On March 3, BTS 's Jungkook logged on to Weverse to spend some time with ARMYs. Hes sitting here sharing his fears and vulnerabilities with us b/c he trusts us and so many choose to violate that by not listening to a word the Tannies say. Your subscription could not be saved. Back in July, Jungkook received a call from a sasaeng during a live broadcast and briefly addressed the situation. However, the sasaeng's leaked information has enraged ARMYs, who are now urging Bighit Entertainment to act before more personal information about Jungkook is revealed. When Jungkook returned, he started saying, "Please don't prank call." Seriously if you can't love idols for what they do and cross the line, just freaking leave the fandom. I really am." Jungkook, in particular, had difficulty breaking free as ARMYs shouted at the sasaengs to let him go. Don't get them mixed up with saesangs tf NOR toxic fans. The Japanese fan accepted the offer but the South Korean sasaeng used all the photos for herself. He's the maknae of BTS. All rights reserved. In at least one messages, the spammer threatened to harm themself if Jimin did not reply. I was really surprised last time, the k-pop idol added. Jungkook was expressing his frustration towards the Sasaeng fans who showed up to the gym Jungkook was attending, but many fans were concerned the idol was saying this because he was drunk. Leave quickly.. public documents with blacklisted fans., BTSs V and Halsey Share the Same Favorite Candle. He joined BTS because of RM. Jungkook has also deactivated his Instagram account. South Korean boyband Bangtan Sonyeondan aka BTS enjoys a massive fan following all over the world. LChans Instagram account, @blacklchan39has been deleted, but she may have opened a new account under a different username. Read more, By providing this information, you agree that we may process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Statement, Sasaeng fans show up to BTS Jungkooks gym, artist addresses annoyance towards it in recent live broadcast, Jungkook; Picture Courtesy: Instagram @jungkook.97. At that moment, it seemed something important popped up in Jungkook's head, and began talking about a serious issue that had happened to him recently. Kamu dapat mengunduh mp3 yang berjudul Jungkook BTS Mengungkapkan Rasa Frustrasinya Terhadap Sasaeng Fans Yang Membuatnya Terkejut ini secara gratis, Namun jangan lupa dukung artis dengan cara membeli Kaset asli atau CD original dari album Jungkook BTS Mengungkapkan Rasa Frustrasinya Terhadap Sasaeng Fans Yang Membuatnya Terkejut - Single . He continued to share,"Please don't come to see me when I am exercising. YeyeDumpling 2 yr. ago The person has shared a shot of him being a Weverse in a bid to establish credibility. The young persons guide to conquering (and saving) the world. They mostly share it with their fellow sasaeng fans. [] It's really scary. Im really thankful for the interest you show me, but this was not an official schedule (I went to). How much can you tell me about BTS' Jungkook? Oh yes, entertainment. It was about 20 minutes or 30 minutes 20 minutesbefore going home, and I turned on the live stream. While SUGA has a world tour coming up, Jimin is about to release new music at the end of this month. 2007 - 2023 6Theory Media, LLC. The popular K-Pop band BTS is a global sensation, and while the Bangtan Boys cherish their ARMY love, they're also rather concerned about the darker side of their fame. 9.) ? hanion the street (@itsbtszone) March 3, 2023, The Kerala Story Is 'Hate Speech,' Says Plea; SC Rejects It, Tells 'CBFC Has Cleared This Film', Rajkummar Rao, Rhea Chakraborty, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Pooja Hegde Among Celebrities Spotted At Mumbai Airport, I am human tooIm so proud of Jungkook~ hes so brave for speaking up about the gym/sasaeng issue. The sasaeng accepted the offer for she needed the money to return to her sister for using her money to attend concerts. Nile Rodgers)', LE SSERAFIM denies the suspicion that they plagiarized Rosala, Song Jae Rim to make an appearance on upcoming drama 'All That We Loved', 'Dancing Queens on the Road' releases individual posters for each member, FIFTY FIFTY's 'Cupid - Twin Ver.' I am really thankful that you guys are cheering for me and sending me lots of interest and love. BTS vocalist Jungkook was recently doing a live broadcast where he interacted with fans, sang and grooved to songs of different genres and languages. A lot of people supporting this account! BTS has been no stranger to this culture. Jungkook is being harassed by an alleged fan and ARMY wants the BTS maknae to be protected. I was really surprised last time.. On March 3,BTS'sJungkooklogged on to Weverse to spend some time with ARMYs through a live streaming session. These stalkers are referred to as sasaeng fans or often simply "sasaengs" meaning private life and South Korean idols, companies and international fans are more than aware of these practices and have public documents with blacklisted fans.. BTS' Jungkook has taken fan community platform Weverse by storm as his recent livestream, where called out overly obsessive fans who showed up at the gym, garnered 15.8 million real-time Our other ARMY can come if they want to, but they don't, and they keep the boundaries. When a staff member noticed a group of sasaeng fans waiting, he asked them to leave. Fans also took to social media to express their frustration with the incident, as they hoped that sasaengs would leave Jungkook alone. Now, a sasaeng fan opened up about how they turned towards the culture and ended up becoming a BTS spy. Use of the CNN name and/or logo on or as part of NEWS18.com does not derogate from the intellectual property rights of Cable News Network in respect of them. following tannies on their private schedules like this. His favorite number is 1. I am saying this because I am drunk. While she tried to make the money, she fell in love with the spy job. This is sickening!!! All rights reserved. Or Toemint oppar? It was suspected that he was dating and they wanted the Japenese. Former INFINITE member Kim Sung Gyu reveals his solo comeback schedule, Fans demand for Actor #V's comeback as international media wonders if he is the next James Bond after V & Olivia skit at the GRAMMYS. Sasaeng fans are infamous for camping . CNN name, logo and all associated elements and 2023 Cable News Network LP, LLLP. He also explained why, despite wanting to board a commercial aeroplane like everyone else, they are forced to fly on a chartered plane. Journalist. All human beings deserve respect and privacy. I am thankful for the heart that you watched my live broadcast, and you came because you wanted to see me, but still, you know. The Korean artist also said that hes human too. A video shared by the sasaeng features the idol occupied with his phone. I was going to go home, but there were people there. Im really thankful. Suga has caught LChan in the act and even raised his phone to warn her, but she persisted. In another story posted by them, they wrote that nobody will be able to know about the idol's dating life if they leave social media, adding that it is rare to find someone who will provide fans with solid facts. They trended the phrases "LEAVE HIM ALONE" and "sasaeng" on Twitter. Be first to post one! ( Image Source : Twitter ), JDS, Congress Promote Dynastic Politics And Sow Divisions In Society: PM Modi In Chitradurga, India Continues To Witness Dip In Covid-19 Cases, Logs 3,325 New Infections, Active Caseload Stands At 44,175, Congress Makes 5 Guarantees, Kharge Promises Extension Of OPS On 1st Day Back In Power Key Takeaways, I Am Human Too: BTS Jungkook Talks About Sasaeng Fans Showing Up Outside His Gym, Updated at: Sun, March 5,2023, 2:36 pm (IST), Published at: Sun, Mar 5,2023, 2:36 pm (IST). Song Hye Kyo and Jennie pose for photos together at the Met Gala, Wingless Angel: BTS's V Pays for Medical Treatment and Ensures the Stray Dog from 'Jinny's Kitchen' was Taken Care of Before leaving Mexico, LE SSERAFIM carve their own path in western-themed MV for 'UNFORGIVEN (feat. none of these are sasaeng taken pics. I finished working out, and I had to go home. ", Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud with these hilarious "Saturday Night Live Korea" sketches. Personally, do you think sasaengs have gotten worse recently (more bold to do stupid shit to their idols) if you were to compare to the sasaengs in 2000s? This is absolutely disgusting. 6.) Currently making web more entertaining place Read more, By providing this information, you agree that we may process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Statement, BTS: Jungkook's former sasaeng fan reveals she was asked to follow JK and find out if he was dating, Credits: YouTube: kisses dalhiaKoreabooGetty Images. allkpop is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. He continued, I turn on a live when I think of ARMYs when I am at home or eating or working out, but when you come find methats not right." uve | FACE (@paradise00223) February 26, 2023, BTS member Jungkook did a two hour long live with fans some days back. I agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy. According to fans, her name is Lu Yao,and she was blacklisted by Big Hit Entertainment for sasaeng behavior. A bodyguard prevented this woman from throwing herself at Jimin, just in the nick of time. Back in July, Jungkook received a call from a sasaeng during a live broadcast and briefly addressed the situation. After the incident, Swedish ARMYs came together to make this apology video. I hoped you learned something and change your views now that you understand this concept. Liza Soberano named one of Hollywoods exciting young actors by US magazine, IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The conflicting accounts on the Eat Bulaga controversy, Ellen Adarna wishes John Lloyd Cruz well in his relationship with rumored girlfriend Isabel Santos, Ria Atayde on her relationship with Zanjoe Marudo: Theres so much mutual respect, mutual admiration, Palace: US, PH agree to set ministerial level team on agri cooperation, UP president reminds UPCAT takers: No reschedule, be fit for exams, Global Dominions Go Dreamer raffle promo winner announced, Biden to Marcos: I cant think of a better partner to have than you, This vivo phone will kickstart your career as a content creator, AIA Philippines Lifehackers 2022 presents more innovative insurance solutions, PH airspace to shut down for 6 hours on May 17. Kpop fans NEED to understand that they will never have a chance with their idol. Investigate who is selling Jungkook's personal information to crazy stalkers and sasaengs and He laid out the scenario to his fans, saying that while he values the love and affection they offer him, he would really prefer it if people avoided the gym where he exercises. BTS maknae Jungkook is adored by ARMY. A news reporter once went undercover to find out how . Want more from Teen Vogue? PROTECT OUR JUNGKOOK! BTS are extremely busy with their activities, so once one of them uses some downtime to connect with ARMY via VLive, it's a special moment. pic.twitter.com/kecOekLF5v, Jeon Mi A (@Maria44180737) February 26, 2023. Social media is a common tool that sasaeng fans use to find out information. While a majority of these incidents include stalking, a few severe cases have also resulted in physical injuries and emotional abuse to artists. The Japanese fan accepted the offer but the South Korean sasaeng used all the photos for herself. She posted the photos on her social media account and gave very little pay to the fan from Japan. On April 5, BTS's Jungkooklogged onto V Live to communicate with his fans. BTS's agency, Big Hit Entertainment, has actually blacklisted Carrot Nuna due to her constantly stalking the members. #rigkj_holl these are the RECEIPTS WHO BOUGHT INFORMATION FROM SASAENG. BTS's Jungkook, ATEEZ's Wooyoung, and many more have shared their anger towards receiving calls from sasaengs during live broadcasts. Why would you choose to scare/annoy that BTS member (in this case Jungkook) during that time?

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