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I mean those four guys are basically what we grew up on watching basketball with. You just don't hear much about John Stockton anymore. There's a couple different balls that Jordan has signed. He is a guy that did sign a decent amount. Send Michael Jordan a I mean this guy for as popular as he is, five-time NBA champion, three-time finals MVP. Jordan proceeded to revolutionize his sport. So what did I send in? Who will it be with, I really don't know. So definitely have to have him on this list. Now, obviously no one is going to argue the merits of a rookie card, but the 1987 is a difficult card to find, and the supply-and-demand curve is off the charts right now.". I live in Atlanta and I was a Dominique Wilkins fan. This guy's a tough autograph. Please feel free to contact Kevin Glew at [emailprotected] if you have any additional information or comments. Again, there are tons of fans out there that would love to get something on him, UCLA fans as well. Give me a follow below for some fun and autograph talk. Grant's a very popular Duke player. It's just not happening. Now you can send your fan mail and autograph requests to all your favorite Actors, Actresses , Directors, Models , Singers, Music Groups, Authors, Wrestlers, TV Hosts, Tennis Players, NBA Players, MLB Players, NFL Players, Soccer Players, Soccer Teams, NFL Teams , NBA Teams, NHL Teams, MLB Teams, MiLB Teams, and MLS Teams. Given his popularity, its not surprising that Jordan receives a lot of fan mail. Many fans would love to get an autograph from him, but they often wonder does Jordan read his fan mail? The answer is yes! The basketball superstar has been known to respond to at least some of his fan mail, although not a lot. UDA, along with many other companies, have started signing athletes to exclusive autograph contracts. Anyone tied to Michael Jordan seems to have an autograph that's in demand. They want to maximize that big investment they made and get the big return they are hoping for. "I watched some basketball in the '80s before Jordan. Just bite the bullet. "He does one thing LeBron can never do. Those are probably a $1,000 jersey right now, at least. Make sure you have somebody else take a look at it. WebMichael Jordan Signed Autographed 18X36 Photo "Kiss the Rim 180" Bulls /123 UDA Almost Gone! According to responses provided by users of that site, these 60 There's just not that many autographs and I don't know what the deal. Good thing with Charles though, he does sign a decent amount of in-person autographs so you do have a chance of getting him on some items, but not on an expensive Dream Team item that you've got multiple other autographs on. "With this documentary out, I would say he's currently the most coveted athlete autograph," said Renaud. Yes, you read that right. Upper Deck lost their online database prior to 2002, so if you have a Jordan item that was signed prior to 2002, you need to email them a picture of your item and your certificate and all that kind of stuff and then they somehow verify it. Seven time all-star as well. So, an autograph signing with Yao would be absolutely huge, but he just has not signed in quite some time. People got to get them on stuff like that, but getting dual sign stuff with Jordan if you choose to venture down that path, I know people don't like kind of wasting an autograph on Jordan with a dual sign with somebody else, but if you do do one, get Scottie Pippen on there as well. May 20, 2020. If you are gonna do that make sure that you have that autograph authenticated by either JSA, PSA, or Beckett. WebOver the years Michael Jordan's autograph has been one of the most sought after signatures within the collecting world. Yeah, of course, we can't talk about Michael Jordan's career without talking about his career in baseball. I don't know if he's ever picked up a pen. I mean just absolutely so cool. Of course you can get it from Upper Decks website. Well today's episode is going to be about the top 10 autograph signings that the collectors want to see happen here in 2021. On April 1, a PSA 10 went for $192 on eBay and on May 12, after The Last Dance began airing, a card in the same grade garnered $500. Like everyone else Five-time MVP, two-time NCAA champion as well which people kind of forget about that, so I mean it can't really get much better than that. Steve Nash is one of those great players that people just kind of forget about I think, so I think he's still very undervalued just like Yao Ming is. Definitely an undervalued guy in my opinion. His dunks became posters and his affiliation with Nike made his shoes must-have footwear around the world. I just don't think it's gonna happen, but he's worthy of being on this list 100%, and that's Bill Russell. He did sign again with Steiner not that long ago, but I think it was maybe five to seven years or so. Think about that. Thats always going to keep his items popular. They're mainly the Wilson and then the Spalding. The third and probably the most important. In May 2020, a PSA 10 Jordan rookie sold for a record $96,000 in a Heritage Auctions sale and $99,630 shortly thereafter at Goldin Auctions. So that's just my opinion here but somebody personally close to him is probably gonna have to make that happen. You're probably thinking that Jordan and LeBron are going to be on this list, yes they probably would be on this list in a perfect world, but let's be honest. Another hall of famer, Mr. Charles Barkley, the round mound rebound NBA hall of famer. They are not doing signings where you're going to be able to send in your own item. Number four, Reggie Miller, five-time all-star NBA hall of famer. I think people are very are underrated with that. $399.99. The signature looks alright but has some red flags, namely that line at the end. WebGet the best deals on Michael Jordan NBA Original Autographed Items when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Michael's signature did get less defined over time as he signed more and more. Number six on this list right now is Scottie Pippen. I know you're thinking, What, Grant Hill? Listen, Grant Hill is a guy that just does not sign and he's one of those players that has this sort of mystique around him, sort of like a Penny Hardaway. It's really the perfect storm for the price appreciation of Jordan cards.". Every time we think of Grant Hill, I don't know about you, but I always think about Duke. He's a two-time NBA champion as a player for the Knicks, hall of famer, is a head coach 11-time NBA champion as head coach with the bulls, and also the Lakers. If they are no longer able to get product from him, and assuming no one else will be able to), they want to maximize the remaining time they have on that exclusive memorabilia deal. Everybody that sees that in your collection is gonna be like, I remember when Jordan was playing baseball! and all that kind of stuff, so it's a really cool and unique item to have in your collection. Comments will be approved before showing up. Its why the coaches had to stop asking him. Fairly decent price, I think it was a little over $100 or so for premium items, so not too terrible. Imagine having a pair like this in your collection. But as athletes and people age, their interests change. Now, before we get started here, let's talk about authenticity when it comes to Michael Jordan. Post the response to your fan letter. Every day it seems like I'm getting asked about Hey is this guy going to sign, is this guy going to sign? and inevitably kind of a large list builds up of guys that people want to see sign. I do remember about 10 years ago though you could actually send in items to a Jordan autograph signing through one of their authorized dealers, and I think it was about a $1,000 an autograph. So get somebody else and some other experts eyes on that item, unless you are an absolute badass when it comes to Michael Jordan's autographs, that's the way to do it. But that slight is largely responsible for his legendary competitive spirit and it helped him earn a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina. I think that's definitely an advantage for him. He's probably more known for being a head coach. LeBron could win 50 titles and he could score 50,000 points or whatever. Anyone anywhere can put a Jordan card up in an auction and you've immediately got a global audience, a global group of buyers for that card, so it's incredibly competitive," said Minetti. Prices for early Jordan cards, in particular, have increased dramatically. I remember Larry Bird and I remember Magic, but when Jordan came along, and with the introduction of the Air Jordan shoes, everything just seemed to change. Kevin Glew The release of The Last Dance also came on the heels of the moving eulogy Jordan delivered at Kobe Bryant's memorial service in February, which was broadcast around the world. If you're unsure about it take your time. So there's just a lot of opportunity right there. Occasionally, an athlete will increase their autograph price. If you still need a Jordan autograph for your collection (I think everyone should have one), check out what I have left. I'm just really not sure why, because he's a very personable guy. 4 Current Finest Jordan Basic Set on the PSA Set Registry, has witnessed the same surge in interest. 6 min read 1 Comment. This guy I don't know if he's ever done an autograph signing. You got just a great player, you saw what his product did during the last stance documentary. This guy is notorious. You're not going to see guys like Shaq and Iverson, those guys are popular signers, they sign every couple months it seems like. Prices for some of Jordan's rare Master set cards are also soaring. Occasionally, an athlete will increase their autograph price. Again, Dream Team as well. Most people probably don't know that. Getting a couple rookie cards autographed. He's still in the limelight doing analysis work for I believe TNT or TBS, so he's definitely still out there but the guy just does not sign. Fans of the Boston Celtics will enjoy owning a piece of memorabilia signed by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Michael Jordan has always signed with Upper Deck the trading card company, Upper Deck Authenticated. I mean Patrick Ewing missing that layup at the end, oh man, just absolutely great. This resulted in collectors from all over the planet coveting his cards. A highly publicized documentary during the COVID-19 pandemic has reignited "Jordan 23" mania. 1999 - 2023 Collectors Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Please note the PSA Population Report statistics, Set Registry rankings and pricing referenced are as of June 2020. The 8 X 10 framed, I think I last saw was about $1,500 or so. Sell it! Now it's time to move on to number one on this list. I tend to think this is not the reason for this jump in Jordan's autograph pricing. I think eventually he will do one. Especially big guys like that, I mean my gosh. It's been a while for him. Sign up to get the latest autograph news and signings. Jordan never signed Chinese jerseys for Upper Deck. I've seen up to $8,000. Second thing is you can also buy something that's authenticated JSA, PSA, or Beckett already that doesn't come with a product authentication that's probably a signature that's been signed at like a golf event or something like that. They are not doing signings where you're going to be able to send in your own item. Definitely not doing that. The demand is too high. So anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this. Love his game. So you can feel pretty good about buying stuff like that. It would just be too much risk for him, and I would not blame him for doing that. 2 min read 2 Comments. I just don't think he likes signing and I don't blame him. Obviously, he isn't playing anymore, so no new career achievement. I didn't sell mine because I only had one, and then it dropped from $40,000 to about $25,000. Getting jerseys, dual sign stuff, maybe with David Robinson that stuff would be so cool. Of course he left the Chicago Bulls to go play baseball for the White Sox. My guess is that it's gonna have to be somebody who he personally knows or personally knows him very well. Those are perfectly fine as well. I mean Jordan was known, or is still is known, for shoes. Certain guys like Jordan and all those kind of guys, but Ewing is definitely one of those that's on that list. And when I bought one 12 or 13 years ago, I paid $1,100," said McCord. But it was Michael Jordan who made the game global. New York has got obviously a huge fan base that is going to be huge for collectors. "I just think he has been a lot less accessible since the early '90s in general," said Renaud. WebMichael Jordan Signed USA Jersey Custom Framed Fanatics Certified $13,000.00 $242.50 shipping or Best Offer SPONSORED MICHAEL JORDAN AUTOGRAPH SIGNED CHICAGO BULLS BASKETBALL JERSEY 1997-98 W/ COA $17,923.23 Free shipping or Best Offer michael jordan signed autographed jersey $3,560.00 $12.45 shipping or Best Offer Its shocking how many players are willing to respond to fan mail and sign autographs for their fans. "I know vintage people that only collect vintage, but they want Jordan autographs.". Web203 Michael Jordan Signing Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images Images Editorial Video Creative Editorial FILTERS CREATIVE EDITORIAL VIDEO 203 Michael Jordan Signing Premium High Res Photos Browse 203 michael jordan signing stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. I love those series. Sometimes that one thing you enjoyed doing, or could manage well, is no longer possible or your interest has changed. $249.99. It's kind of sloppy, so it's hard to tell with his in-person autographs what's legit, but you get arguably probably the greatest New York Knicks player of all time. "The prices are hard to believe," he said. Sell it!' He's back in the limelight now being the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets and he was kind of the Steph Curry before the Steph Currys. To give you an idea of the increase in price of his autographs, a PSA 9 Jordan rookie with a PSA/DNA authenticated signature sold for $25,411 on eBay in April 2019. Stockton did do a book signing probably about five years ago and I was able to get a couple jerseys in there. "His autograph was pretty full, all the way up until about the early '90s," said Renaud. 2 Jordan Master Set on the PSA Set Registry. The Holy Grail of Jordan cards is, without a doubt, his 1986 Fleer rookie (#57). I actually did sell a helmet and a jersey of his way back in the day of the White Sox, and those are absolutely really cool. Chosen after Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston) and Sam Bowie (Portland), Jordan wasn't projected to be an offensive force, but he quickly proved his detractors wrong by scoring 28.2 points per game in his rookie campaign. Give me a follow below for some fun and autograph talk. Number two, and this one could be the most expensive items or one of the cheaper items depending on which one you get, but you got to have an autographed pair of shoes. Another international flair guy being a Canadian citizen. Now, him being a former bulls coach it'd be great to get him out like at the National. WebCheck out our autographed by michael jordan selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. With the exception of a few autographs here and there, Jordan doesnt really sign outside of his Upper Deck deal, which means that most of the products you I suggest maybe starting off with like a single signed shoe. Now Upper Deck just recently raised their prices on Michael Jordan. Oh I love Steve Nash. Joe Minetti, who's collecting six different Jordan sets on the PSA Set Registry, offers a similar assessment. Some jazz stuff as far as jerseys go. It's not like he's 80 years old and just doesn't want to sign. Michael Jordan 'The Last Dance' Fuels Huge Increase in Demand for Jordan Cards and Autographs. Official website. In Jordan's early signatures, you can read almost every letter in his first and last names. I mean it's arguably probably one of the worst ones. In the 1990s Michael took on his typical "trademarked" "M" Squiggle "J" Squiggle style autograph. I think the last one he did was with Steiner Sports. I mean collectors need this guy to finish out a lot of items here, and number one on this list is Mr. John Stockton. The Duke program is way up here when it comes to collectors wanting their stuff, and of course Grant Hill is a hall of famer. You can get these in different sizes, 8 X 10 and 16 X 20. It's been a few years for Scottie. Yes there are third-party authenticated autographs with JSA, PSA, and Beckett, but for any sit-down paid autograph signing they all come with Upper Deck authentication. New. "I think the documentary and the shelter-in-place [orders] during the pandemic have a lot to do with it," he said. People in every country in the world know Michael Jordan. Step-by-step guide to collecting sports autographs through the mail. He's a tough autograph though. "Then I think you get people like Gary Vee and some of these celebrities that have millions of followers [on social media] saying that they're starting to collect cards. Today I discuss 3 possible reasons why Upper Deck (UDA), did this to his pricing. Once again, that needs to happen, dealers out there, if you're watching this, man make it happen. There's definitely not many of those on the market. Michael Jordan Nick Johnson Bert Blyleven Vince Carter Chad Ochocinco Xavier Henry Wayne Gretzky Jim Bunning Pete Rose - Charges 50 Dollars per signature Ships Free $5,99999 His pricing has been very consistent for a few years. Of course a hall of famer. Find Jordan Jerseys, Basketballs, Photos, Shoes and Collectors definitely want this one to happen. LeBron and Jordan are upper deck guys. Is there a source for the UDA value? Stockton's young enough, he's healthy enough, and there's a enough demand for him. You put that up in your wall, people know about that, so you got to have something like that in your collection. Probably until that exclusive deal expires with Panini, but I would love to be able to send some stuff to Charles Barkley. I haven't seen any of it at all. Although being Michael Jordans teammate came with some perks, unlimited autographs werent one of them. In fact, His Airness would only sign an autograph for a fellow Chicago Bull if they gave him something in return. For a basketball fan, hitting the court alongside Michael Jordan would probably be a dream come true. Michael Jordan has always signed with Upper Deck the trading card company, Upper Deck Authenticated. WebWith Jordan, my first instinct on anything with a COA that is not upper deck is fake. Now fast forward to this May, while The Last Dance was airing, and a signed rookie card with an autograph graded PSA/DNA 9 was being offered for $150,000 or Best Offer on eBay. Due to the extreme high demand for his signature, he is also one of the most forged. "But I've received two legitimate offers from people for $35,000.". I don't think he ever took off from the free-throw line, it was probably a little bit short of that there, but still an iconic image. The shot image, maybe a jersey, or a ball, or something like that. Ships Free $6,99999 Michael Jordan Autographed Photo - "MJ Poster" 24x36 Upper Deck Almost Gone! Cedric McCord, who owns the No. Right now he's currently a Panini exclusive so fortunately he is signing autographs and that's a big positive, but Panini just doesn't do send-in stuff or public autograph signings like how they used to back in the day, so getting him on a send in item right now is going to be tough. Now he does sign a little bit in person. And the rest, as they say, is history. He is extremely difficult and I'm not sure why. If you are gonna go this route and get the Jersey, which is my number one item that you should have in your collection, my advice to you is just buy from Upper Deck. "I think the two events [Kobe's death and The Last Dance] combined with the coronavirus keeping everybody at home and constantly watching the market have really made for a firestorm on Jordan items, and prices are skyrocketing.". In 1992, Jordan signed an autograph deal with Upper Deck and the company has been releasing exclusive signed photos, jerseys and basketballs ever since. Dawson recently shared an image of his PSA 10, 1998 Fleer Playmakers Theatre Jordan card (#9) (just 100 were manufactured) on Instagram. This one is Phil Jackson. He made the game popular in China, Japan and Europe. He's a global sensation.". You can get them on some rookie cards, some flir cards. I certainly think the reason UDA raised their pricing on Jordan is a combination of #2 and #3. A Michael Jordan autographed Chicago Bulls jersey is now $8,000. These are great because they allow for really a nice large signature. Also stick around to the end, I will give you a non-player autograph that is going to be definitely one that people want to see sign. They're on these weird old Wilson baseballs. I mean there's just a bunch of great stuff that collectors could get done. That's more than those two guys combined. What would be the top 5 autographed items? Like the instant news of social media? He estimates that up to 80 percent of the Jordan autographs submitted to PSA/DNA are not authentic. We all know they love, just like us, LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, those kind of guys, but Yao is their home country guy, and Yao is a very popular player over there. A very high demand autograph that you probably are not thinking about. The tremendous spike in demand for Jordan cards has been fueled by the fact that many of the hundreds of thousands of people who are stuck at home waiting out the coronavirus have been glued to ESPN's riveting, 10-part documentary about the Chicago Bulls legend called The Last Dance. That stuff to me is going to be iconic, but if he did do a public autograph signing it would just be great for people to bring their kids there and to be able to meet him, shake his hand, and just remember that moment of when you met Bill Russell because they are not bringing those type of players around anymore, but again due to his age I just don't see it happening. I remember selling those for $400 and thinking Wow I did pretty good for myself. What a dummy I was. I will be in for a hundred autographs, man put me down right now all right. It doesn't make any sense. It's the only PSA 10 example. Hobbyists are uncertain if Jordan cards and autographs can sustain their current lofty prices, but they're convinced that the Bulls superstar will continue to be hugely popular long after The Last Dance and the COVID-19 pandemic. They don't need to do it. I have had a few things on him. A lot of people will be getting Pippen and rookie cards done. Why did the price suddenly go up from $3,500 to $8,000? I sent in a Chicago White Sox helmet and a White Sox jersey just to be different, and I think I ended up selling those for like $1,800 each or so, but crazy to see what those would probably be worth. This is either due to a new career achievement, an escalator clause in their autograph agreement, or the athlete just doesn't want to sign as much. For example, McCord owns a PSA 9 of Jordan's 1987 Fleer card (#59) and was hoping to upgrade to a PSA 10. Give me a follow below for some fun and autograph talk. That's going to be the main premise for the signings, send in autograph signings. Every single person I've talked to has absolutely loved this thing. UDA realizes they will not be able to get as much Jordan product in the future and have raised their pricing to maximize profit of what they have left. Without further ado let's go ahead and jump into this list! Again, I don't know of an autographed signing that he's ever done and he's very reclusive, so kind of the opposite of Reggie Miller. Guys that got injured kind of often in the career and could never live up to their full potential. PSA/DNA authenticator George Renaud says Jordan autographs have also been in strong demand. Like the instant news of social media? I mean really any item with him is going to be a great seller. Includes detailed instructions, tips & links to mailing addresses for all major teams. These guys are high demand guys, I don't remember any of these guys doing autograph signings, so also make sure you stick around to the end here. Printed on the COA is the companys guarantee that the item purchased was signed by So he was a very solid player. The last thing you want to see happen is shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars only to find another company the following month is doing a signing with the same athlete and charging less than you are. 6 time MVP all-star, seven-time NBA champion. "He's without a doubt the most forged basketball autograph," said Renaud. This one is iconic and I don't know if this one's gonna happen. It'd be very interesting to see what Yao's looks like, but due to his international flair I think Yao is extremely undervalued, and keep in mind he's only 40 years old. It's a big investment. I have not seen him do a private autograph signing where you can send in ever. That's to me really sketchy, so I prefer not to do that. Just autograph items, no Fleer rookie cards, although those are absolutely 100% cool. So not terrible. New. Sign up for the latest news, exclusive promos, events, and much more! "There are less than 200 of the 1987 Jordan Fleer cards in PSA 10," noted Minetti. Dual signed items with Karl Malone would be absolutely epic. Jordan signs at his kids' and adults' flight schools - tuition includes one autograph and for the kids it's $650.00 or so, and for the adults, I believe it's $25,000 or something like that. Almost every Basic Set card has jumped in price. $199.99. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Number three is sometimes an often overlooked item for Jordan but just your standard autographed basketball. Dawson has been a Jordan collector since 1993 and he has never seen prices for the superstar's cards this high. 1988 Gatorade Slam Dunk. By the end of April, however, a card in the same grade had garnered $7,500 on eBay. "Everybody said, 'Sell it! This list is just going to be guys for tough autographs, who simply do not sign, and this one's only going to be for the retired players. I mean the whole choke thing with the Knicks, and what did he score 11 points in like eight seconds versus them or something. On the other hand, Upper Deck is still producing cards of Jordan via their Good Champions brand. Let me first preface my question by saying I dont own my first MJ autograph but would certainly love one. It's been again like I said five or seven years since Pippen did an autograph signing, and autographed cards are becoming a popular thing to send into signings now. "And I remember as recently as two or three years ago, you could get common base Jordan cards in that grade for probably around $20, but that's just unheard of now.". I always had it valued at $3k. A fan slipped a piece of paper and a "The cards I don't have in my [Master] set, I'll never have because the prices are now so high that I'm never going to get those missing pieces," he said. ", "I absolutely think he's the most recognizable athlete in the world," he said. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout, June 08, 2021 So that being said let's get into the list here. "I know they always talk about Magic and Larry saving the NBA in the late '70s and early '80s, but it was Michael Jordan who took it to a new level and made it global. Similar to Yao Ming, his autograph just isn't very crisp. All of his legitimate autographs are gonna be basically coming from Upper Deck. His in-person signature was also shortened and became sloppier over time, with fewer letters being legible. Bryant died in a helicopter crash on January 26. This guy is, of the more recent players, this guy's number one on the list of guys that you gotta get that will actually, hopefully, potentially, sign. Especially for basketball. People need him on Dream Team items for sure, and finding an actual legit Patrick Ewing autograph can be very difficult. #1 Price of Autograph Increased. If you want a unique inscription you're just not getting that done that way, and private signing is going to be the only way to get those items all finished up. There's just so much collectors would need them on. Get the best quality item that is 100% authentic and keep that receipt with it so if you go to sell that Jersey down the line you've got the receipt with that thing. Getting some special inscriptions and of course Dream Team, the Phoenix Suns, and 76ers items. Do I see a private signing happening? Rookies and China related stuff both are going to sell. Near the beginning of April, a PSA 10 example sold for $760, but by May 13, one in the same grade had fetched $1,425. Again, he played in a different era, but I just don't see anybody getting the 11 time NBA champion ever again. I really don't think so. Like This is all I'm doing, I'm signing for one hour, and then I'll see you again in 10 more years.. He needs really no introduction, but for some people who may be just getting into basketball, Bill Russell, 11-time NBA champion, that is more than Jordan and LeBron combined.

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